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How much does it cost?

It's FREE! But pre-registration is required. 



Age Groups

Be there early and enjoy the kid's zone!



10:00am Sharp! - 10:30am ADA HUNT


10:45am Sharp! - 11:15am (0 - 3 yrs.)


11:30am Sharp! - 12:00pm (4 - 5 yrs.)


12:15pm Sharp! - 12:45pm (6 - 8 yrs.)

1:00pm Sharp! - 1:30pm (9 - 12 yrs.)

What to Bring:

Bring Your Own Baskets and cameras! 



What is in the eggs?

Ages (0 - 3): Stickers and Temporary Tattoos.

Ages (4 - 7): Stickers, Tattoos, and Candy.

Ages (8 +): Stickers, Tattoos, Candy and Small Toys.


Parents Are welcome to join their Children

for the (0 - 3) age group only.



CAUTION: Parental advisory required. Eggs contain small parts or objects that may cause a choking hazard to children or persons susceptible to putting small objects in mouth.

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